Private labeled with your company logo

Maps will be displayed on your device’s screen that indicate the location of past due, current, and future tests, allowing you to decide on the priority of your day’s tests.

Choose from 3 different themes

Using the built-in calendar and notification system, you can set up one-time or recurring tests for daily, weekly, monthly or any combination you require for each of your customers.

Customize product offering & pricing

Aliquot allows you to choose and plan in advance the tests you want to run for each customer that you visit. Our simple interface lets you capture the results directly on your device, via text entry or voice entry, eliminating the need to write them down and enter them later.

Add your own products

We have designed a simple, yet detailed report that allows you to enter treatment recommendations and attach pictures. This report is then emailed in real time while you are still at the test location (data connection required). If you are in a “dead spot”, the report will be available for generation as soon as you regain your cellular connection!

Sound good to you? Try it today and see how a Kraken eCommerce website can streamline your ordering process!

24/7 Access

Quickly and easily order supplies and equipment as needed. You will have a direct link to your custom Test Kit Supply e-commerce site, allowing you to place an order while you are in the field.

Access important documents

For our subscription plan users, a powerful web console is available that allows users and supervisors to set color coded test ranges, along with adding or removing additional tests. If you have a large database of existing customers, you can import them directly into Aliquot via CSV format, avoiding having to enter them by hand.

Shop from any device

Coming soon, you will have the ability to make a live connection between Aliquot and H2trOnics eServiceReport software. This will allow you to create a report with the industry leading software instantly, giving you all the features that you expect from eServiceReport while you are in the field.

Simplified ordering process

Use the built in module to take a picture of your dipslide and quickly compare against colony density charts right on your phone! Log your results and send a report. It's that easy!

Kraken eCommerce was developed by AquaPhoenix Scientific as a way to simplify the ordering process. Learn more about AquaPhoenix at www.aquaphoenixsci.com.