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Make buying and selling easier with a custom

eCommerce website.

Your Logo. Your Products. Your Pricing.

Kraken eCommerce websites allow you, your reps and your customers a convenient approach to ordering products. We give you the ability to control the site by choosing which products and prices are shown. Kraken eCommerce websites are private labeled with your company logo giving you a truly unique storefront to help grow your business!


How it Works

Determine products & pricing

We can start by using your preferred product list. Product pictures, descriptions, custom codes and custom pricing will be displayed on your site. You can add or remove product at any time.


Choose your site administrator

Your site administrator is someone within your company who can manage the site and approve orders if necessary. This person is responsible for managing products on the site, assigning new users and reviewing / approving orders (if you make this a requirement).

Customize your site

Choose from 3 different themes to customize the look of your site and upload your company logo to brand it as your own! You also have the ability to add test procedures, videos and other useful company documents for reps or customers to access. Sites are built using responsive design, so your pages will look clean and professional no matter what device the end-user is on.

Set up user accounts and start selling

Add user names and assign passwords so they can access your store. The site administrator will be able to control settings for each user, so it's important to verify that each users permissions are correct. Now you're ready to go live and streamline your ordering process!

See it in action!

Watch Now


Have a question? Would you like to see a live demonstration of a Kraken eCommerce site?


Send us some basic info and we will get you set up with a user name and password so you can explore the site yourself.

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